Day 13 of the Lolita Challenge

Day 13 – a picture of your favourite sweets!

Nerds!! Yay!

There we are – short and sweet.


This Week’s Inspiration #1 – nails

Hi everyone and welcome to the very first weekly inspiration post! This post will be done every weekend at some point!

This week’s inspiration is: nails!

I’ve been tumblring and generally browsing the internet and through watching nail tutorials and seeing various cute nail art images, I’ve become very interested in nail art! I thought to myself the other day, why not do Angelic Pretty themed nails? Or perhaps just Loli-inspired nails? Matching nails for your co-ord would be a good idea I think – it can really add that final layer of detail to a Lolita co-ordinate. For example, if your main colour is mint and you’ve added pink accents to the outfit, why not paint your nails with mint polish and draw on pink bows on top? Sounds good to me!

I personally love nail art, and I would love to do 3D designs, such as the ones in the image above, but I have a lot of pets and they’re just not practical! The image in the bottom left hand corner are actually some nails I’ve done. They’re based on Angelic Pretty’s Melty Chocolate and only took a short time to do. The other images are ones I found on Tumblr!

To do the Melty Chocolate design you will need:

Brown nail polish, light pink nail polish and a dotting tool/tooth pick.

First paint your nails with the light pink polish and then draw a wiggly line of brown polish with the tooth pick/dotting tool. Now fill in the part of the nail between the wiggly line and top of your nail with brown polish and finally add pink “sprinkles” (dots/small lines)! Add a top coat to protect your design and you’re done!

You can find deco nail pieces on eBay or on this site if you wish to do OTT deco nails. Or if you’d rather buy some pre-made deco nails, there are some great ones on Etsy!

However, if you’re not great with little nail designs, you could always paint your nails your main colour and add polka dots of your secondary colour. That would also be good!

Day 12 of the Lolita Challenge!

Day 12 – a picture of you before Lolita came into your life!

Well, this was a difficult one, since I only have Lolita pictures of me on my computer. But I had a quick trawl through Facebook and found this really old photo of me before Lolita. I’m on the left and the person on the right is my friend, Rosie. We were on a school trip in Germany in  this picture and it must have been 2 or 3 years ago!

Thanks for reading! Day  13 up next!

Day 11 of the Lolita Challenge

Hi everyone! I’ll get straight into this post with no messing around!
Day 11 of the Lolita Challenge
A day of your lolita life in pictures

So today I decided to go into my local town with my best friend, Alice.
Here’s a picture of me before I went into town. It was raining for a little while so I chose a water-proof print and brought an umbrella with me. I’m ever so practical, aren’t I?
I needed to go to the fabric shop to buy some material to make a bag I’m planning to make tonight (I’ll post a picture of it if all goes well). So here’s a picture of me in front of it!
Next we ate lunch on an old war monument up a back street of town.
Here’s a picture of a gingerbread man Alice bought – she’s too shy for me to take a picture of her, although I wanted to!
Next we went to a department store and here’s me standing outside of it.
Finally – here’s a photo of me just about to get on the bus to go home. It was a great day and here’s the outfit rundown in case you’re interested~
Mini hat: handmade by me
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty
Cardigan: BTSSB
Blouse: Metamorphose
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Coat: Hell Bunny
Bag: Hello Kitty
Shoes: (you can’t see them, but never mind) Accessorize
Thanks for reading! Please look forward to day 12!

This week’s lust-haves #1 – tartan and polka-dots!

Welcome to this week’s lust-haves! This post will be done during the working week at some point.

For the last week or so I’ve been searching Closet Child, Alice Fururun and the egl-comm-sales for a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright tartan jumperskirt or one piece. I really love pastel coloured tartan jumperskirts but I’ve been looking to introduce some red into my wardrobe, so that would also be a good option! I’ve just been for an interview for a job and if I get it, I’ll definitely be buying a tartan dress – I can promise you that. When I was younger I went through a tartan phase and wore a LOT of tartan! I even had tartan shoes and trousers. Maybe it’d be nice to add a little bit of tartan to my Lolita wardrobe to honour this.

And so I was tumbring (I seem to do that a lot, don’t I?) and I saw a picture of Angelic Pretty’s newest print, ‘Dot Pretty Girl’ and I fell in love! I’m really lusting after the sax x pink one piece, since I just love the style. It seems very retro to me! After I’ve bought this baby, although I’ll be happy, I know my wallet will be whimpering! It’s quite expensive… Okay, pretty darn expensive is more like it. But I love it, and you can’t put a price on true love. Failing that, I also really like Angelic Pretty’s Polka Dot Chocolate jumperskirt! It’s very cute in my opinion.

Well, that’s this week’s lust haves done with! Thanks for reading, and please look forward to next week’s post.

Day 10 of the Lolita Challenge

Day 10 – what’s in your bag?

I travel pretty light, so my bag only consists of my phone, purse and some lip salve!

Well, that was a short post, but I literally have nothing else to say for this one.

Thanks for reading!

A Lolita Tumblr Guide

I am personally a massive Tumblr addict! Reblogging, reblogging some more… It’s just a great way to show others what you’re interested in and Tumblr can be a lot of fun, finding new things and looking at some really interesting photos! It can also be a very useful tool. People post sales posts and such like on Tumblr and through people reblogging the post, more and more people find out about the sales! Tumblr is pretty powerful when it comes to the internet. But this post is specifically about Lolita Tumblring (yes, I just invented a new verb!). I’ve been having a lot of fun on Tumblr, looking at all the Lolita photos and co-ordinates.

How to get to Tumblring – Loli style!

1) First of all, you’ll need an adorable background for your page. You can just search ‘cute Tumblr themes’ on Google and there will be plenty to choose from. Now click on ‘customize’ on your Tumblr page and select the format of the theme you want. To add the background go onto the theme’s HTML and add the link of the background you want to the appropriate area of the HTML. There we are – a cute Tumblr page!

2) Now you’ll need a description for your Tumblr page. Perhaps something about your love for Lolita? Or a ‘I like…’ and then list things, like I have! Something cute anyway.

3) Also you’ll need a display picture which shows your loliness – maybe a picture of you in Lolita or a drawing, like mine, or something equally adorable.

4) Now reblog! I will list some Lolita Tumblrs worth following at the end of this post. There are many blogs for each style of Lolita – classic, gothic, sweet and such like. Use the tags to find things you want to reblog and track the tags you want to check regularly (mine are ‘angelic pretty’, ‘sweet lolita’ and such like). Check these tags once or twice a day and reblog everything you like. Reblogging from the blogs you are following is also a good idea, since you reblog things they’ve found from further-a-field.

5) Blogging your own photos is key too, and by adding tags which relate to your posts can help others find and follow you. You could post your latest co-ords, stock photos of dresses you like or write posts about your Lolita endeavors! For instance, I recently bought the Cherry Berry Bunny headbow in black and I posted the stock photo of it with a little comment on how I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Lolita Tumblrs to follow:




Lolita Tips




Angelic Pretty USA

Sugary World

And mine, if you’d like to check it out – ruizuchiidesune

So, now you know how to create a super cute Lolita Tumblr, have fun with it! Reblog and blog to your heart’s content! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

New purchases!

So, I sold a few things and bought a few things! I’m still waiting for some black x pink Angelic Pretty wristcuffs and I’m on a payment plan for a skirt, but I’ll post the stock pictures of those.

New shoes!

New socks!


And in a week I’ll be finished with my payment plan for this:

Hopefully these will arrive very soon:

Just thought I’d update you on my wardrobe contents!

Thanks for reading.

Sweet Punk Lolita Co-ordinate

I was pottering around the internet and I found something inspiring! This post on Victoria Suzanne’s blog, Parfait Doll, really gave me an idea for a Sweet Punk Lolita co-ord. So I found an old denim jacket, cut off the sleeves and got customizing.

This was the result:

Sweet Punk jacket back and front

I used stencils and pastel fabric paint to create the shooting stars and moons and glued on the bows with a hot glue gun. I also added lace to the collar and sleeve edges using a sewing machine. I’m pretty pleased with the result!

The contest on EGL for march was ‘OTT’ so at the very last minute I decided to enter and this is the co-ord I created:

I paired my Angelic Pretty Vanilla Chan skirt with Dr Martens for a punky yet sweet look.  I really hope I win the contest – the results will be announced next week! Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Hime Lolita – The Modern Princess Look

The word ‘Hime’ translates from Japanese to mean ‘princess’ and this substyle of Japanese Lolita fashion encompasses how a modern princess would appear. It is a substyle of Lolita closely related to Hime Gyaru, which aims to achieve a look of wealth and princess-like royal beauty, whilst still adopting the traditional Lolita aesthetics. Hime Gyaru is a substyle of Gyaru and it uses accessories and clothing to create a more sexy, decadent appearance.  However Hime Lolita goes for a more modest look. This style of Lolita is also similar to Ama (or sweet) Lolita and keeps the adorable, innocent look, yet gives off an air of regal charm. For girls and women who, when they were young, once dreamed of becoming a beautiful fairytale princess – this is the look for them. Lolita, I believe, has the power to make a girl (or indeed brolita) feel beautiful, but for those of us who want more sugar and spice and everything thing nice than simply sweet lolita, this is perfect! I personally feel that Hime Lolita is a beautiful style, which when pulled off well, can really achieve a Disney-princess look.

First of all, clothing is an extremely factor in achieving the Hime Lolita look. Dresses should be elaborate with oodles of beautiful ruffles, lace and ribbons. Often busy prints are used, such as roses and flowers, however some prints such as Angelic Pretty’s traditional sweet prints (Milky Chan or Decoration Dream for example), would be harder to make look  Hime styled. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright have made some beautiful floral prints which would be perfect for Hime Lolita, and Metamorphose Temps de Fille have a few crown-themed dresses which would work well! Angelic Pretty’s decadent non-printed dresses would also be appropriate. The length of the skirt should be knee length or below, but if you’re fairly tall and below the knee is impossible; the closer to the knee, the better. Pink and white are popular colour themes, as a feminine cute and pretty appearance is what we’re aiming for. However other colours could work, such as pastel yellows and mints, however they would probably be more difficult to work with and co-ordinate. As for shoes, Hime Gyaru shoes are often worn. Heeled Lolita shoes with pearl flourishes or adorned flowers are perfect for Hime Lolita though! Socks and tights are worn in the Hime Lolita style and flower patterns or lace  work well with the style. I think lace-topped socks work very well and always look cute.

Hair should be big and beautiful. Natural colours such as blondes, caramels and dark browns are extremely popular. Many girls choose to wear wigs, as styling Hime Lolita hair can be quite time-consuming, and Gothic Lolita Wigs do some very nice Hime Lolita wigs! A very popular hairstyle is a curly style with a teased bouffant back, which is higher than the rest of the hair. I personally love this hairstyle and think it’s fabulous for Hime Lolita. Long curly or straight hair is also popular for achieving the Hime Lolita style. Imagine what a princess’s hair would look like and you’ve got it!

Make-up tends to vary in Hime Lolita, as it tends to depend how influenced the wearer is by Hime Gyaru. Some girls opt for the less-is-more look, while others wear quite heavy make-up, often with false eyelashes to create the look of larger eyes. Black eyeliner is reasonably popular, and this is mostly paired with pink or white eye shadow and lots of mascara. For the lips, a pale pink colour with gloss is very good and this look is popular among the Hime Gyarus alike. Sometimes glitter is also worn to enhance the look of wealth and the blush worn on the cheeks should be pink or red in colour.

Accessories are also very important in this look – head pieces are often worn, with themes such as tiaras, crowns or roses. La Parfait does some beautiful headpieces with roses and ribbons. Pearls attached to accessories really finish the look and give your outfit that extra something. Bags are often decorated with pearl chains and cute keyrings and pearl necklaces and bracelets are brilliant princess-like accessories. As we’re in the age of technology, every Hime Lolita has a phone, and of course, decoden phones are very popular. The more decadent and elaborate, the better!

And there we are – a guide to the Hime Lolita look!

Now you’re all decked out in your finery, be ready for those ‘you look like a princess’ comments! Enjoy your fashion to the full!